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Get your laptop repaired from anywhere!

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Our streamlined process makes it easy for you to initiate the repair. 


Easy shipping!

Enter your email address, and receive an immediate confirmation email, providing you with detailed guidance on how to send your laptop to our facility.

For any packing guidance, simply click the tutorial video below.
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Speedy service!

We pledge to deliver rapid service without sacrificing repair excellence. Trust in our dedicated team to expedite the return of your device. Typically, post-receipt, your laptop is serviced and EN-route back within a swift 10-day window.

Easy, speedy savings!

Our commitment to transparency ensures you’re fully informed about our services. With a straightforward labor cost of $69.99, our pricing is competitive and transparently presented on our website. You can rest assured there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. If a part’s price exceeds your budget, we offer a diagnostic service at a modest fee of $29.99. Our dedication lies in offering high-quality repairs at prices that are both fair and reasonable.